Early and comprehensive study of the project allows you to repeatedly reduce risks at later stages;

    IoT is a story about partnerships. It is not worth reinventing the wheel if there are doubts whether it will be possible to surpass existing solutions in terms of functionality and / or cost. This applies to hardware and software modules;

    Try to provide a work scenario with a minimum dependence of the device’s performance on the network, third-party services, and the cloud;

    Start with the worst case scenario. Anything can happen: a complete cessation of support for the service by a partner or the inability to ensure the operation of the cloud infrastructure by you. In this case, the device must perform the main functionality offline. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all categories of devices, but if there is such an opportunity, then we should strive for it;

    Try to grow in the team both the owners in each of the directions (HW, SW, ID / MD), and the owner of the system. The latter will be able to assess the impact of changes within one system on others.

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  • it is worth mentioning certifications for firmware. As an example, certification of Android devices is suitable. If the device is planned to use GMS (Google Mobile Services), then it is necessary to carry out certification with an emphasis on software from one of the official Google partners.




    We consider the cost of data transmission, if we are talking about wide area networks, such as GSM, LTE, or the cost of building a Wi-Fi / LPWAN infrastructure.




    Subscription fee, support cost, processor time cost, analytics license, third-party components and modules.




    Development, use of third-party components, modules and licenses.


    Below is a diagram of how to make money on your IoT device.



    Data in the decision matrix

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